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Overall stable operation of the knitting industry in the first three quarters of 2018

As for the current issue of trade friction between China and the United States, the most influential one is knitted fabrics, which accounts for about 57% of China's exports of knitted fabrics to the United States. This will have a significant impact on domestic export production and trading enterprises to the United States. However, at present, Sino-U.S. friction has not yet fully manifested itself in the marketing of knitted export enterprises. Currently, trade friction has eased. It is recommended that export enterprises to the United States should respond in many ways, adjust their international production capacity layout, and address the risks posed by trade friction.
Regarding the domestic and foreign economic situation next year, he analyzed that the world economy will still be on the track of recovery in 2019, but the negative impact of risk factors such as the liquidity contraction caused by the US dollar interest rate hike and the intensification of US trade protectionism on global economic growth will gradually emerge. Affected by external environmental changes, China's macroeconomic operating pressure will increase, but the general trend of stable development will not fundamentally change. The country will strengthen and stabilize employment, Moving towards a comprehensive well-off level in terms of household income and consumption will support the sustained growth of the domestic demand market for textiles and clothing, and become the main force driving the development of the textile industry.

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The products of the company have been tested by authoritative institutions, passed the European Union REACH environmental protection standard, and UV anti-aging has reached more than 3 years. The products meet the European and American export testing. The company's products include PVC woven fabric series, PE woven fabric series, and blended woven fabric series. The products are widely used in the fields of architecture and design: sunscreen and window decorations, furniture and yacht fields: outdoor furniture, indoor furniture and soft decoration, yachts and protective window decorations, soft bags, cushions, dining mats, etc

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Hongtu Technology is committed to becoming a leading global manufacturer and service provider of technical woven fabrics, focusing on the challenges and pressures of customer concern, and providing competitive technical woven fabric solutions and services.

Traditional handicraft weaving to increase income

Braided sleeves are mainly used in the fields of automobiles, communications, electronics, and other fields. The main production enterprises include Huimen, Defingen, Ruinazhi, and other enterprises.

"Zero Distance" Experience the Charm of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Knot Knitting Skills Entering the Campus

Chinese traditional culture has a long history. It is not only the essence of the nation, but also an important carrier for us to understand national history, comprehend national character, and inherit national culture. In a beautiful campus, inheriting traditional Chinese culture is a responsibility entrusted to us by education in the new era, and an important way for teachers and students to cultivate their sentiment and improve their comprehensive literacy.

"Innovation breakthrough+value reconstruction" is a magic weapon for enterprises to explore new markets

The operational pressure of the textile industry will increase compared to this year, and the uncertainty of the export situation will increase. The inherent demand for high-quality development in the industry is more urgent. Efforts must be made to improve production efficiency and risk resistance capabilities in order to continue to maintain a stable development trend.

How to improve the high-quality development of the industry?

Firstly, it is necessary to innovate technology, pay attention to the trend of new products in the market, and enhance the strength of technical equipment;